T minus zero

I’m off. I have launched myself into the void, into a place where many young men would consider just the thought of it “madness” or “hell”. I’ve decided to voluntarily enter a place without porn, video games, and in this world knowledge is entertainment.

Wish me luck.

My story begins at a young age where I discovered what glorious feelings my family jewels had to offer if a special set of moves were completed. I wasn’t immediately hooked but gradually, after years and years of feeling great.. it became a problem. I got to a point where I would masturbate EVERY DAY, and sometimes more than just once. Many would say I have a high sex drive, and “hey it’s not a big deal”, that it’s natural, and I understand that. I’m not here to argue if masturbating is bad or good, I don’t look down on masturbating, I’m here to give you my story as to why I would like to stop and the things I’d like to replace masturbation with in my life.

Along with quitting it with my handy lover, I want to quit video games, at least throughout the weekdays. My beginnings with video games started a lot earlier than my affair with my right hand lady, but continued along side her when she joined later on. I have multiple gaming systems which I would come home to to play on for hours on end. Sometimes daily, all day, for a whole month like during summer break in high school. I want to say I’d like to give that up cold turkey as I would do with Jill, but I have developed a friend circle online which I wouldn’t want to leave so abruptly.

Let me get into why I’m doing this, why it is I’m quitting video games and making sure that my soldier isn’t always comforted when he’s at attention. I’ve realized it takes up a lot of time throughout my day. I’m 20 years old and my adult life has just begun, and basically, I feel as if I haven’t done anything significant. I live at home and I’m going to CSULB to study Computer Engineering and I don’t feel like I know a lot, in fact I feel like I barley know what I’m doing. I feel like video games and my John have stolen a significant portion of my life that I could use for making myself a better person and a better student. For example, I have class at 8 am every day this week, I get up usually at 6 am and use about 20 min in the morning to take care of pleasure business and the rest of my time actually spend on getting ready for school. I’m usually rushing during the last 40 min to leave at 7 am to get to class on time. Some days, I can’t even find the right porn to use and it makes the process even longer and I get to class late! Now let’s switch from the start of the day to the end of the day rituals, my video game troubles. When I get home from either school or work, I play video games and the excuse I use to convince myself is “I’ve worked hard today I deserve this”. It always works. I’ve realized now that I’m 3/8ths of the way done with college and I’m not doing so hot. I’ve spent a lot of time on video games rather than developing my knowledge for a field I really want to be good at.

This blog will help me write down my stories that involve my no fap journey. It’ll keep everything documented so I can look back and see what experiences I went through as well as to keep anyone entertained if they are interested in these kind of self help adventures.


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